Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to Think Sideways opens its gates II


after winning NaNo I took a few days off to recover (and tidy up my house again). I will still need a week or two to truly finish my novel "Thicker Than Water" before I can return to the revision of my historical novel (eagerly awaited by some). One thing is for sure: had I but known all the secrets Holly Lisle shared with us during her course "How to Think Sideways" revision of my historical novel wouldn't be half as daunting. Here is a little video with Holly where she is asking some really important questions (if you want to write seriously that is):

If you are interested in the course look at my Homepage. I dedicated a whole page to How to Think Sideways and I threw a $3 gift-certificate for my "33 Mistakes ... About Mother Nature" into the bargain.

Never give up on your dreams,

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