Thursday, November 6, 2008



the last two month I hurried to get my first draft and the revision of the first 50 pages of the second volume of the Waldmann-Saga done only to discover -surprise, surprise- that the deadline for the contest I want to send it to has been extended to the 30th of March. Well, that just means that I will have more time for revision than I thought.

For those interested, my nanowrimo-novel surprises me even more. Last year I had big problems to manage the 1667 words a day. This year I am writing between 1800 and 2300 a day without problems - even without abandoning my family for days on end. The progress meter on the right shows how I'm doing - just in case anyone is interested.

My kids surprised me as well. Today they played without a single fight! Guess, I'll have to mark this day in my calendar. It doesn't happen too often.

That's all for now, I got to write some more,

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~Rebecca Anne~ said...

I'm just out rambling through blog world and came across yours.....(waves)
I'm glad the writing process for Nano is free flowing and progressing at a great pace for you. I've read a few people who feel like it's more a dried up riverbed in the heat of summer~~

It does help when our families cooperate doesn't it!