Wednesday, November 12, 2008



I am doing fine at the moment. My NaNo-project is coming up nicely, as you can see on the left (if you reload the page, that is) and my best friend is "shredding" the first draft of my historical novel (actually she is writing her criticisms in the margins). At the beginning of December I will pick up the pieces and start putting the whole thing back together hopefully ending with a better version.

First drafts are always messy. Sometimes they meander in directions that are just not what you wanted when you set out to write the novel. If this ever happens to you don't stop writing, don't go back to change things - make a comment (like: need x to go to y on page zz) and keep writing. Changing your text is part of revision. First drafts need to be finished before you can get to rewriting. It is as someone during NaNo last year pointed out: You can't revise an empty page (can't remember who said that but it definitely isn't from me - wish it was though).

Oh, and here is a little something for your amusement. Find out how accurate your vision is.

Have fun,


Kel-Bell said...

"You can't revise and empty page."

Ooooh, I LIKE that!

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

The shredding part can actually be the best part of writing. Just think, anything we finish, we can shred it, and when that parts done, we can sit back and say, "Damn, that is fantastic compared to my first try."

Above all, keep writing~~

Valerie Comer said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! And that is a cool link to the eyeballing site. My hubby is currently trying to beat my score (he probably will in a couple tries!) (he just did, actually...) and I even Twittered the link!