Friday, November 28, 2008

I won!!

I finished the 50,000 words today and I cheated but little (I summarized the last few scenes). I will work the summarized scenes into real scenes in December but right now I don't have the time. The weekend will by very busy with family affairs. I'm so happy I made it and "Thicker Than Water" is such a lovely story to write. I loved the way the characters (for once) behaved the way I wanted them to and the storyline deviated but little from what I had planned. Even the length seems to be ok. If all scenes are expanded I think I'll end up with 60-65K which would be just fine for a YA.

I will now stop writing immediately and celebrate my finished first draft with my kids and my hubby with the leftover cake from my daughter's birthday. And than I shall sleep... and tomorrow I will go swimming and than I might sit down again to write some more. It's nice to know that there is no more pressure on my writing through December. I am looking forward to do a lot of cookie-baking, decorating, doing handcrafts with the kids and the usual stuff I do before Christmas.

I wish all of you a blessed advent, lots of fun, harmonic family life, no hustle at work and may all our dreams come true (as long as they are peaceful).

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Marina said...

Congratulations, Cat! It's so good to have the pressure off, isn't it? Like you, I'm looking forward to seeing a bit more of the family and getting ready for Christmas. Good luck with the last few scenes.