Monday, September 8, 2008

work is wonder


I was down with a flue over the weekend and still find it hard to concentrate on the historical novel. So I decided to come back to my blog and share an amazing thing that happened to me Saturday night.

I was tossing and turning with fever and couldn't sleep, so I started daydreaming. All of a sudden, about 10 summaries for scenes to a novel that I am not yet working on (it is lined up to be next) appeared out of the blue (I mean out of the night-black). And they were still there in the morning when the fever was down enough so I could scribble them down on the next best piece of paper.

When I looked them over today I realized that they were better than I thought they would be. Very often things that I thought good when I was dreaming were less so in bright daylight but this stuff was different. Now I know where my next novel is heading to and that will make planning it a lot easier.

I count this as a success from a course I am currently taking: Holly Lisles "How to Think Sideways - survival school for writers". The course is currently full but I will let you know if/when new seats will be available. By the way, Holly is the US-author who also hosts a shop with my historical novel Ann Angel's Freedom as an English-e-book and my non-fiction The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Mother Nature.

I wish you a wonderful week,

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