Tuesday, August 5, 2008

being 40

Yesterday I took my eldest, her friend and my nephew to a fun-fair park to celebrate my 40th birthday. We had so much fun getting wet that we didn't even mind the rain in the afternoon. Sunshine dried us fast enough after it.

I was surprised to see how relaxed my eldest can be when the two little ones aren't around. She was even cuddly. I sincerely wish I could have more time with her alone but with the grandparents living 150 km away that isn't easily done.

My current novel is close to the final rewrite and I started to think about new projects. I will write another "33 mistakes" until mid September and a novel set in a 1001 Arabian Nights setting for kids. I'll do some brainstorming over the next week and see what I will come up with. It's always interesting to see what my mind does when I'm not looking.

Keep writing,

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